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01: Redefining stethoscopes.

AMI’s “Super StethoScope” is a telemedicine-compatible stethoscope equipped with various vital sign measurement functions featuring aortic stenosis automatic diagnosis assist algorithm.

02: Shaping the future of remote auscultation.

“Super StethoScope” facilitates a medicine-applicable telecommunication system that transmits heart sounds in both audio and visual formats.

03: Committing to Telemedicine.

AMI’s “Cloud Kenshin®︎” (translates to: ‘Cloud-based Health-Promo’) is a remote tele-screening network that leverages the "Super StethoScope" technology. This project is conducted in collaboration with our local municipality, Minamata-City.

Awards :

Venture Award

Grand Prix, Med-tech grand prix KOBE

Grand Prize, Healthcare Venture KNOT

Grand Prize, Healthcare Industry Contribution Award

Grand Prize, KDDI Infinity Lab

Grand Prize, Omron KOTO Challenge