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AMI Inc. is a rapidly developing startup with a mission of “Acute Medical Innovation.”

More accurate.
More accessible.

We firmly believe that by pushing our technology to its utmost limit, we can create a world where quality medical care is available to everyone, everywhere.


During my time as a clinical cardiologist, oftentimes, I would see patients that could have been saved by earlier diagnoses and interventions. Many of these patients were asymptomatic to begin with, leading to delayed detections.

The 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes were a turning point for me.
As I was traveling around the affected prefecture as a volunteer doctor, I really wished I had access to telemedicine and the resources to appropriately diagnose and treat disaster victims.

How can I address these challenges? With this question in mind, I started to develop a stethoscope that is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Information and Communication Technology — “Super StethoScope.”
This idea brought together individuals from all over the globe. With this talented team, we are continuing our research and development process.

We will create a world where everyone has rapid access to high quality medical care, wherever they are.